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Strange New Worlds

So this thing here, it is existing.

What is this thing? I shall explain.

You know how superheroes are normal people by day and put on outlandish costumes and fight crime/perform elaborate interpretive dance choreography that sometimes knocks a fool in the head by night? Well, by day, I wear the outlandish costume of a fantasy and science fiction novelist, and by night, I cook things and knit things and behave mostly like a normal person. And when, in my sequins and mask, I post to Twitter about what I’m making for dinner, I am immediately pinged by 19 people asking when I am going to write a cookbook.

The thing is that writing a cookbook requires a publisher and a photographer and a great deal of investment from other humans. Thus, there is this thing instead.

Wait, I hear you say! Is this another cooking blog? Good grief! Isn’t the market already saturated with this sort of thing? Can’t we get any recipe we want from the giant aggregator sites? Do you, Cat, even know anyone in the foodie blogging community? Aren’t you the kind of cook that is more of a WHOLE BUNCH of this and EVERYTHING IN THE FRIDGE MUST GO INTO THE FRITTATA WORMHOLE than a follow the recipe girl? And knitting? Oh my, no one has ever blogged about that before! It’s called purling, you say?

And all that is true. I do not own a restaurant, I can point to five friends of mine who are higher-end foodies than I am, I can’t take super-exciting studio-perfect photos of the food I make, and my main qualification for any of this is that I spend most of my time writing very strange novels. (That have lots of food in them.)

But you know, we spend a lot of our lives cooking and eating. It’s important. I live in Maine, one of the most amazing places in the world for seafood and fresh produce, I like to experiment and I basically can’t do anything without throwing my own twist on it. And I kept being asked to write a cookbook. I didn’t want my main blog to become a long litany of recipes, so I created another space for it. And I like alliteration, and sometimes also want to write about knitting. So this thing comes together and I think: maybe it will be fun for people to read about the culinary messing about of a person who is not an expert in this field, but enthusiastic and fearless about it. (I’ll put ketchup right on mac and cheese, I don’t even care!) Someone who doesn’t make small plates of perfectly colored and tweezed tiny things but cooks to make herself happy with her noms. Ok, sometimes small plates of perfectly tweezed tiny things. I admit to having served Thanksgiving dinner with an amuse-bouche. DON’T JUDGE ME. In the end, maybe it will just be fun for you guys to play house with me.

So essentially, I will post recipes here. I’ll try to do pictures when I can. Sometimes I’ll post a pattern or thoughts about fiber. I’ll try to write a bit about each recipe because to me, the thing that differentiates one cookbook from another is the liner notes. And every once in awhile, there will be a little story about the food in question for you to read while the kettle boils. I hope this will be a homey, warm place where we can talk together about that everyday non-superhero stuff that we all do, and how to make it more delightful and meaningful.

You noticed that word “together,” didn’t you? Yes, see, this is the first off-social network site blog I’ve ever kept, and I am very conscious of how much I’ve benefited from the active comment culture of Livejournal. No one likes to talk into a vacuum. So the more you all comment and interact, the better this place will be. It’s like wishing for a new Fantasia, yo. The more you talk, the more beautiful the country will become. This is a new house for all of us to clutter up and drink tea/vodka on the staircase. Let’s burn some toast together.

Lastly, I want to have a little segment called Double Cat Dare. This is where you tell me what to cook and I do it and report back. Whatever you ask I will screw with and adjust to my heart’s content, but if you’ve been curious about making bread, or jam, or beef wellington, or some other odd dish, dare me to take it on and I’ll do a photo-heavy post of how I managed it–or entirely failed to manage it. Because cooking is iterative, and sometimes I will fail. It’s ok. I have two big dogs. There’s no such thing as fucking up dinner. There’s only happy puppy faces.

And that’s all. Welcome to Soup, Scarves, and SF. The future is delicious.